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Galapagos Travel Guide: Cruise, Tours, Last minute deals

Kicker Rock | Day Tour price $140 | Galapagos

Kicker Rock, is a tour that I recommend in Galapagos. Swim between the two huge rocks is something you definitely need to do in the Galapagos.

Española Island | Day Tour price $240 | Galapagos

Española island, is a most coveted tour on San Cristóbal Island. Hike in the company of albatrosses, marine iguanas and nasca boobies.

360 Tour: San Cristobal | Day Tour price $196 | Galapagos

The 360 tour takes you on a full loop around San Cristóbal Island, visiting beaches, bays and the prominent Kicker Rock.

Pitt Point | Tour price $180 | Galapagos

A hike with views from another planet among blue footed and red footed boobies.

Lobos Island | Day Tour From $130 | Galapagos

Walk among volcanic rocks and observe blue-footed booby juveniles, frigates and sea lions.

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