My experience with ayahuasca in Ecuador

My experience with Ayahuasca in Ecuador

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I’d like to share a bit about my experience with Ayahuasca in Ecuador. These days, there’s increasing interest in the plant and more people are open to trying it. It’s important to have a good understanding of what it involves and how to approach your ayahuasca experience in the safest way possible.

Ayahuasca in Ecuador

The most important things to keep in mind to have a positive experience with ayahuasca in Ecuador are:

  • Going to a recommended shaman that can guarantee your safety.
  • Experiencing it in a natural environment, far from the noise of the city.
  • Not have expectations because everyone’s experience is different.
  • Be open to the experience – not just the ayahuasca, but the culture around it.
  • Alejandro, a recommended shaman for your ayahuasca experience.
    When I tried ayahuasca, I did it with Alejandro, a taita (spiritual guide) that leads Alma Healing Center and I would definitely recommend him if you’re curious about trying ayahuasca in Ecuador.



    Alejandro is an ancestral doctor of the Yanakuna ethnicity, certified by the indigenous government according to a UNESCO convention. He is originally from Colombia and has lived in Ecuador for nearly 10 years. He doesn’t speak English but, if necessary, an interpreter will be present at the ayahuasca retreats and will be available prior to the retreats if you have any questions.

    Alejandro is a real shaman and his spiritual plant is ayahuasca, although he also leads San Pedro (awacoya) ceremonies, among others. In Ecuador, he represents the Kichwa indigenous community of Sacha Wasi, located about an hour outside of the amazonian city of Puyo.

    As a shaman, Alejandro prioritizes the security of his guests and explains everything in great detail, from the scientific to the spiritual concepts. Because he is an honest and trustworthy person, after speaking with him, it’s easy to feel more receptive to the ayahuasca experience.

    Knowing and meeting your shaman is important to feel more at peace prior to the ceremonies, to realize that everyone’s experience is different and that, as many questions as you might ask, you won’t understand what it’s like to drink ayahuasca until you’ve actually tried it.



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