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Hi, I am Christian Echeverria but call me (Choko) and together with my wife we’ve created this travel blog with the aim of helping all tourists who want to get to know Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.


Before reading on or filling out the form, take a moment to read Galapagos for Dummies to get a more general understanding of the way day tours work.


On my trips to Galapagos, I realized about the different situations that travelers go through when reserving daily tours just after getting to the islands, for example: the game of being offered prices based on where you’re from, or not being able to find all the tours that you want with the same tour operator, or there not being availability on a tour that goes to the island you specifically want to go to (seats are limited on boats). This is why I’ve made partnerships with different operators who are owners of their own Yatch on Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal, and I can help you book the daily tours. You might find cheaper tours the day your arrive to the Islands but you’ll risk dealing with the situations I mentioned earlier.

The idea is to avoid wasting time looking for daily tours on each island while that time can be spent taking advantage of touring and enjoying the Galapagos. This type of trip is usually done once in a lifetime and I will try my best to help you avoid any worries. So, once the reservation has been made, I will send you a travel info sheet (PDF) with all the information of the tours: Name of the person in charge of the tour the operator, whatsApp, schedules, directions and more.

Tour prices available: Santa Fe: $124.8, Santa Fe with landing: between $200 to $287, Bartolome: between $210 to $287,  North Seymour: between $190 to $287, Cabo Rosa Tunnels: $124.8, Sierra Negra Volcano: $45, 360 Tour: $156.6, Espanola: $219, Kicker Rock: $124.8, Pinzon: $135.4, Floreana: $160, South Plazas: between $190 to $287, Punta Pitt: between $176.6 to $197.8, Daphne Major: $110, Tour de Bahía: $45, Lobos Island: $103.6.

I offer: Support at any point before your trip via Whatsapp. Prices based on the availability of the yachts (Bartolome, North Seymour and South Plazas). Safe and easy ways payment methods to purchase tours.

If you want me to help you checking for availability for some of the tours that depart from the Santa Cruz, Isabela or San Cristóbal Islands, please fill in the following form:


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