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I CAN HELP YOU BOOK the Chinese Hat Island tour from $265. Turquoise seas, white sand with a volcanic cone as a backdrop.

Although I didn’t technically do this day tour (I did it as part of a cruise), I have to say you must visit this island. Only two yachts have permission to visit this island; one combines with Bartolomé Island on Tuesdays and the other combines with Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island on Thursdays.

(Thursday departures) This tour begins at a meeting point assigned by the yacht’s operator. Then, you’ll travel by bus to the Itabaca canal where you’ll embark on a 2 hour (approx) sea journey until you reach Sombrero Chino. Once on the island, you make a wet landing on its white sand beach – you’re going to love this place if you love the Caribbean.

You’ll go on a hike where you can observe the large volcanic cone in the center of the island, which also gives it its form and name. On the trail you can observe the island’s flora, fauna and unique geology.

Upon completing the hike you’ll go snorkeling along the canal on the coast of James Island. You’ll swim in this astonishing turquoise water, surrounded by tropical fish, marine iguanas and sea turtles that feed underwater. If you’re lucky, you might even see some swimming penguins that swim right up to your mask.

When you return back on board you’ll have lunch and head to Sullivan Bay (Santiago island). Here you’ll have a dry landing for a short hike following the Pahoe Hoe lava flow, which is a relatively recent formation where you’ll see lava cactus, a pioneer species that grows along this formation. After this, you can enjoy the beach and continue snorkeling.

(Tuesday departures) The first stop is on Bartolomé Island and you’ll snorkel on the beach here. You’ll then return to the yacht and head to Sombrero Chino, make a wet landing, and go on the same hike described in the previous section.


Photos of what you’ll experience on the Chinese hat day Tour



Departure island: Santa Cruz Island


Passenger capacity per vessel: 16 people
Pick up: Assigned by the Operator
Total travel time to and from the island: 4h (2h each way)
​​Start time: 07h00
Return time: 17h00

Tour includes: Snorkeling equipment (masks and fins), life vest, towels, breakfast, lunch, snack, water, certified Galapagos National Park guide, marine and land transport.
Tour does not include: Alcoholic drinks, soda, neoprene suite and tip.

* Price does not include 12% tax. (We only charge it if you need an invoice.)
* This tour is not recommended for children from 0 to 2 years old.
* This tour is not recommended for people with mobility problems.
* You definitely need to bring a pair of trekking shoes (lava rocks are sharp!)
* You can book this tour with a full payment using two available methods of payment: bank transfer (no additional cost for bank transfers between Ecuadorian banks) or you can pay with a credit/debit card.




I can help you reserve this tour with local operators that own the vessels. Instead of wasting time wandering around each island looking for tours, you should be enjoying the places you can visit on your own while at the Galapagos Islands.



Check out the video of the Chinese Hat Island


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