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Galapagos cruise: Everything you need to know

Is it worth going on a cruise in the Galapagos? Yes, it’s definitely worth while as long as you go on one with a good route around the islands and a nice boat.

Galapagos national park has enabled routes for cruises to visit some of the uninhabitable islands, particularly to those which are further away. Both cruises and daily tours share the same routes to Islands like Floreana, Bartolomé, Seymour Norte, Plaza Sur, Española, Santa Fé, etc. It’s important to know that all cruises start from Baltra airport on Santa Cruz Island or from San Cristobal Island. There’s no cruise which leaves from Guayaquil.


Galapagos Cruises are usually a minimum of 4 days and maximum of 8.They go to the more remote, uninhabitable islands such as North Isabela, Genovesa, Santiago, Rabida, Fernandina, Chinese Hat and Bartolome.

The good thing about traveling on a cruise is that you don’t have to worry about anything. There’s no need to figure out where to eat, where to sleep, which tours to take, etc. You can just sit back and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the islands from your boat.

There are different types of cruises in the Galapagos: luxury cruises, first-class cruises, ‘Superior Tourist’ cruises, tourist cruises and Budget cruises. There are large boats with capacity for 80 to 100 passengers, medium-sized boats for 40-50 passengers and small boats which carry up to 14 people. The cheapest boats are normally the smallest (not always), have average facilities and less experienced guides. The more expensive excursions, by contrast, have nicer boats and more knowledgeable, seasoned guides.



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