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5 reasons why San Cristobal will be your favorite Island in Galapagos

When it talks about the Galapagos Islands, many tourists think that the only airport that are in the Islands is in Baltra. Thanks to IATA (sarcasm) when we search for flights to Galapagos, the code that appears is GPS but, the SCY code also exists and which is from the San Cristobal Island airport.

Something to highlight about San Cristobal Island is that the plane practically drops you at the hotel’s door. Unlike all the money processing (Taxi USD 25 + Bus Lobito USD 5 + Barge USD 1) and time (Almost 2 hours) to get to your hotel in Santa Cruz, at the San Cristóbal airport you can walk to your destination hotel or take a taxi for only USD 2.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet and explore the surroundings of an island full of surprises, that’s why I leave you some reasons to visit it for more than 3 days:

  1. Red-footed boobies

    On San Cristobal Island there is a daily tour to Punta Pitt that is located at the northern tip of the island, it is the second place where there is a greater possibility of seeing the red-footed boobies. If you’re surprised to see the blue legs, you’ll love the red legs. Not only will you have your mouth open for the red legs, but also as you walk to the place to see them, you will be surprised by all the volcanic formations that will make you think of being on another planet.

  2. Albatros and its spectacular dance

    Another of the daily tours that depart only from San Cristobal Island, is to Española Island. On this tour, we make a walk to Punta Suarez, a place to observe Albatross birds. There is a greater possibility of seeing these peculiar birds between the months of April to December doing their mating dance. If you managed to see the dance of the blue-footed boobies previously, without a doubt the one of the albatross will be your favorite.

  3. The imposing Kicker Rock

    One of the most emblematic pictures of the Galapagos Islands is the Kicker rock or also known as Kicker Rock, where with a daily tour departing from San Cristobal Island, you can dive or snorkel in the middle of its giant rocks. With some luck you will see the hammerhead sharks as part of it abundant marine life. Remember that animals are free and hammerhead sharks like water that is not too cold or too hot, so everything depends on the currents and so on to see them.


    Punta Pitt Galapagos

    Espanola Island Galapagos

    Kicker Rock Galapagos


  5. Sea lions ‘even in the soup’

    What does ‘even in the soup’ mean? Wait before judging. In Ecuador we use a popular jargon. When we see someone or something anywhere, we say ‘even in the soup I see you’, so do not think that we eat the beautiful sea lions.

    One of the advantages of the San Cristóbal Island is that its beaches are very near to the main part of the city and full of sea lions. Remember that you must be 2 meters away from them and if you enter the sea, many of the young sea lions like to play and sometimes it seems that they try to attack you but they always deviate from the road, so do not get in panic or try to attack them.

  6. Interpretation Center

    If you want to know firsthand all the history about the Galapagos Islands, the Interpretation Center that you have in San Cristobal Island is the most complete place with information about it. It’s very easy to spot it and on the same trail you can visit the Tijeretas viewpoint and be able to snorkel at the dock of the same name or at Punta Carola Beach.

I could continue listing the things that will make you stay on this Island for more than 3 days, but I want you to discover on your own what the Island has to offer.

I always hear complaints from people who did not see the animals of their preference or because the water was very cloudy so the snorkeling was not good or more things. I want you to understand something, the Galapagos Islands are not a zoo, where the animals are caged for the enjoyment of the tourists. The animals of the Islands are free, maybe the day you go, you will see many animals that you wanted to see and the next day you will not see them anymore. The other thing is that the marine currents do not send a message to the whatsapp group of the operators or captains in Galápagos saying: ‘today I send you full stream with turbulence so do not snorkel or do not dive’.

In spite of all this, in San Cristóbal there is a great likelihood of being surrounded by fantastic animals that can make this island, one of the most popular in the Galapagos.


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