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5 Tips that you should know before traveling to the Galapagos Island

You must understand the dynamics of the Galapagos Islands to optimize your time, money and experiences.

I give you 5 tips so that you will not be taken by surprise when you arrive in Galapagos:
Before taking the advice into consideration, I recommend that you bring 20, 10, 5, 1 dollar bills. Most establishment do not accept 100 or 50 dollar bills. Ecuador is a dollarized country, all cashiers will give you dollars.

  1. Avoid using your credit card

    On some islands, there is a network of scammers who work in a very subtle way. It is still unknown exactly how they operate but while the passengers are enjoying a daily tour, their credit cards are used to make transactions unauthorized and the passengers do not find out until they get back to their home countries. Hotels tend to blame tour agencies and vice versa.

    Here are some tips to avoid becoming victim to this band of criminals:
    – Pay for daily tours, cruises and hotels, using Paypal, Bank transfer, or other
    – Do not bring any documents or cards on the daily tours. Just take the cash that you will need to tip the crew.
    – If a travel agency, operator or hotel asks you to e-mail your credit card information, look for another company that has another means to charge you.
    – Find hotels that have a Safe-deposit box to leave your credit cards in while you are traveling around the Islands.
    – If you can, take cash. There are a few ATMs on Santa Cruz Island, San Cristóbal and Isabela island.

  2. Flight ticket to Galapagos

    If you’re not Ecuadorian nor a resident of Ecuador, the price of the flight tickets will be approximately $150-200 more; don’t ask me why. Ecuadorians who aren’t resident of the Galapagos pay around $180-$250 for a flight ticket. Look for offers with airlines LATAM, AVIANCA or TAME.




  4. Entrance to the Galapagos National Park and Transit Control Card (TCT)

    Before checking in with your airline, (at the check-in desk only. You can’t check in online) find the immigration offices at Guayaquil or Quito airport and get your luggage checked and secured. After that, go to the to immigration counter to buy the Transit Control Card (TCT) for $20. The price is the same whether Ecuadorian, non-Ecuadorian, adult or minor. After you’ve been through those stages, you’re ready to go to your airline desk to check in. Once you’ve landed into one of the airports of the Galapagos, whether it be Baltra or San Cristobal, you need to pay for the National Park entrance which is $6 for Ecuadorians, $50 for the Andian-Mercosur Community and $100 for all other foreign tourists. Children pay half price in all instances.

  5. Mobilize from the Galapagos airports to your hotel

    The San Cristóbal airport is located within the city, a taxi can take you to your hotel in Puerto Baquerizo for USD 2 and it takes about 2 minutes.

    The same does not happen with the Baltra airport, which is located on an island in the north of Santa Cruz Island. The process is similar, when you arrive at the Baltra airport, you pay for the entrance to the Galapagos National Park, you grab your bagpack and outside there are buses Lobitos waiting to take you to the Baltra port (current cost is USD 5), then you take a ferry that charges you a dollar to cross you to the Santa Cruz dock in front.

    In the Santa Cruz dock, you will see buses that for USD 5 or taxis for USD 25 (you can share up to 4 people), take you to Puerto Ayora where most of the lodgings are located and it is the town center of the Island.

    On my last trip with my family, I arrived at Santa Cruz Island and booked my taxi with a lot of time in advance. They were waiting for me on the Itabaca canal with a sign that had my name on it. I used this taxi service for all my mobilization on Santa Cruz Island. Write to Whatsapp of Taxi Express.

  6. Enjoy the islands without complaining

    Usually travelers always complain about they did not see the animals they wanted, or because the water was very cloudy in the snorkel, among other things.

    First of all, you should know that you are not visiting a Zoo where the animals are caged to your delight, and you can touch them, feed them, and even take a picture with the anesthetized animal. The terrestrial and marine animals of the Galapagos Islands ARE FREE. If you are lucky you will see them on the road, on a daily tour or getting tan some beach. RESPECT THEM, do not chase them, do not feed them, stay at a distance of more than 2 meters of them, do not take picture them with Flash, in a few words DO NOT BOTHER THEM.

    The other thing is that the marine currents do not send a previous message to the whatsapp groups of the guides or captains in Galapagos, saying: today I send you a lot of current with turbulence so do not snorkel or do not dive.

    With a good attitude and the right energy, Galapagos is shown differently to each person.






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