Galapagos itinerary and budget

7-Day Itinerary and budget for the Galapagos

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to the Galapagos Islands numerous times. Based on all these trips, I’ve compiled this itinerary and budget for visiting the Galapagos islands.

The Galapagos is one of the most expensive destinations to visit and I recommend you use this itinerary and budget to know how much money you should save up so that you can stay for at least 7 days.



With this itinerary and budget, you’ll have the opportunity to stay on Isabela Island and Santa Cruz Isalnd. You’ll also enjoy tours to: Bartolome Island, Pinzon Island and Cabo Rosa Tunnels.



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Here’s an itinerary that will maximize your time in the Galapagos Islands while you experience some of its best spots.

  • Day 1: Arrival to Santa Cruz on Baltra island. Visit the Tortoise Reserves of Las Primicias or El Chato (to see the Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat) and then indicate to be dropped off at the Charles Darwin Station. If there’s time, go and see the German Beach – Playa de los Alemanes (to get there, you need to go back to the harbour and go by boat) and then walk along a pathway which takes you to Las Grietas
  • Day 2: Tour of Bartolome Island. 6am to 5pm
  • Day 3: Ferry from Santa Cruz to Isabela Island leaving at 7am
  • Day 3: Arrival to Isabela Island. 9am
  • Tour of Cabo Rosa Tunnels. 11am to 5pm
  • Day 4: Rent a bicycle and make your own way to ‘El muro de lagrimas’ (Wall of Tears) then to ‘Pozo de los Flamingos’ (Flamingo Pond), ‘Centro de Crianza de tortugas’ (Tortoise Breeding Centre) and to ‘Piscina Natural Concha de Perla’ (natural swimming pool of Concha de Perla)
  • Day 5: Ferry from Isabela Island to Santa Cruz Island. 6am
  • Day 5: Arrival to Santa Cruz. 8am
  • Day 5: Visit las Grietas and then from midday go to Tortuga Bay beach
  • Day 6: Tour of Pinzón Island. 8am to 3pm
  • Day 7: Return to Quito/Guayaquil


    Below are a few links to different types of content related to the Galapagos, including a few guides. All of this content is updated and based on my annual trip to the Islands.



    Below you’ll find a budget for 6 nights and 7 days on the Galapagos Islands, an ideal budget for a trip without spending a lot, and a great way to explore the best of the best of the Galapagos.

  • US$ 250: Flight for Ecuadorians and residents of Ecuador from Guayaquil/Quito to Baltra (Santa Cruz)
  • US$ 500: Flight for non-Ecuadorian tourists from Guayaquil/Quito to Baltra (Santa Cruz)
  • US$ 6: National park entrance fee for Ecuadorians / children under 12 pay half
  • US$ 50: National park entrance fee for the Andean and Mercosur community / children under 12 pay half
  • US$ 100: National park entrance fee for all other foreign tourists / children under 12 pay half
  • US$ 20: TCT card (migration card) / Children also pay $20
  • US$ 2: Ferry service from Baltra to Santa Cruz, round-trip
  • US$ 10: Bus from the Santa Cruz pier to Puerto Ayora, round-trip
  • US$ 150: Lodging for 6 nights per person (including breakfast)
  • US$ 50: Taxi to the giant tortoise reserves of Las Primicias, el Chato and Charles Darwin
  • US$ 1.50: Round trip boat, passing by Playa Los Alemanes and Las Grietas
  • US$ 5: Entrance fee to Las Primicias
  • US$ 5: Entrance fee to el Chato
  • US$ 30: Round trip taxi to Garrapatero beach
  • US$ 135: Tour of Pinzón Island from Santa Cruz Island
  • Between US$ 287: Tour of Bartolome island from Santa Cruz Island
  • US$ 60: Ferry from Santa Cruz to Isabela island – round trip / Under 6s pay half
  • US$ 5: Entrance fee for Isabela island for Ecuadorians
  • US$ 10: Entrance fee for Isabela Island non-Ecuadorians
  • US$ 125: Tour of Cabo Rosa tunnels from Isabela Island
  • US$ 20: Bicycle rental on Isabela island
  • US$ 60: Dinners for 6 nights per person
  • US$ 25: Lunches for 5 days per person
    It is advisable to take cash (US dollars) because many tourist establishments do not accept card payments and there are limited numbers of ATMs (cash machines) on the islands, just Banco Pacifico, Banco Bolivariano and Banco Pichincha.


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