Problems with your flight in Ecuador

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Problems with your flight in Ecuador

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Anyone that travels and spends money on a flight to get faster, more comfortably and safer to a destination do not deserve the treatment of the airlines who believe they can do what they want with users. Therefore, I recommend that you get well informed if you think you have been provided a bad service by any airline here in Ecuador:

In all airports in Ecuador, the DAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) reports: Compensation to Users for Delays and Cancellations of Regular Domestic Flights by Air Companies.




Air transport users are entitled to receive compensation from airlines in the event of cancellations, interruptions or delays in flights where the corresponding reimbursement has not been made.

In order to guarantee compensation to passengers, the aeronautical authority of Ecuador established rules and procedures in which at least four grounds are recognized: delay, interruption of transportation, cancellation and overselling. The regulations also determine additional compensation in cases of overselling, delay of more than 4 hours, transits, connections that can not be continued or denied boarding. However, the compensations foreseen will not take place when the delay exceeding 3 hours is caused by adverse weather conditions or cases of force majeure.

a) Delay
When there is delay in the initiation of the flight and, therefore, the scheduled of the authorized flight is not met, the following will be observed:

• Regardless of the cause, when the delay is greater than thirty (30) minutes and less than three (3) hours, the passenger will be provided with refreshments and free communication by the most appropriate means, equivalent to a telephone call that does not exceed three (3) minutes, to the place of the passenger’s choice.

• When the delay is greater than three (3) hours and less than four (4) hours, in addition to the above, the passenger must be provided with food (breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the time) and a discount of 10% of the value of the passage for the next trip, except that the flight delay is caused by adverse weather conditions or force majeure.

• When the delay is greater than four (4) hours, in addition to the above, the airline have compensate the passenger in accordance with the provisions of letter (e) of this article. In this case, the air carrier must, additionally, provide accommodation in cases where it is necessary to stay overnight, transfer expenses, or the refund (immediately if not in their place of habitual residence), at the passenger’s discretion, unless that the passenger voluntarily agrees to prolong the wait when it is foreseeable that the flight will be made within a reasonable time; except that the flight delay is caused by adverse weather conditions or force majeure.

b) Interruption of transportation
In the event of interruption of the transport, if the passenger does not request the return of the proportional part of the price corresponding to the section not covered, the delay suffered until the resumption of the trip will be compensated, in accordance with the provisions of letter (a) above. correspond

c) Cancellation
In cases where the airline decides to cancel the flight when the passenger has a confirmed reservation, without having received the net value of the ticket or having obtained a substitute flight for the same day, the lodging expenses will be covered. cases that it is necessary to spend the night and transfer. In addition, if there is a delay before the cancellation of the flight, the user will receive the compensations provided in letter a) above, as applicable.

d) Overselling
If the shipment is denied by overbooking, the user having confirmed reservation and having timely presented at the airport, the air carrier must provide the user’s trip to their final destination on the next flight that has space available from the airline itself, in the Same date and route. In case of not having a flight, the airline shall make the necessary arrangements on its own, for the user’s boarding on another flight as soon as possible.

e) Additional compensation
The airline shall compensate the passenger with a minimum amount equivalent to 25% of the value of the unfulfilled route, payable in cash, or in any other form accepted by the passenger, such as tickets for other routes, vouchers for ticket acquisition, mileage recognition, etc., in the following cases:

• Overselling, if there is no direct agreement with the user for which he accepts not to travel voluntarily on the planned flight; Y,

• Delay exceeding four (4) hours of the scheduled time, for causes attributable to the airline.

For purposes of determining the value of the path subject to compensation, the net value of the ticket paid shall be multiplied by the relation between the distance of said path and the total distance.

f) Transits and connections
The above compensations will be equally applicable as regards users in transit or connection who can not continue their journey due to causes attributable to the airline;

g) Denied boarding for cause attributable to the carrier
When an airline anticipates that it will have to deny boarding, it must, first of all, ask for voluntary passengers to be presented who renounce their reservations in exchange for certain benefits that are agreed upon. Volunteer passengers will receive additional assistance in accordance with the provisions of subparagraphs a) and e) of this article, as applicable.

In case the number of voluntary passengers is insufficient to transport the remaining users with a confirmed reservation, the carrier may deny boarding to other users against their will, in which case they must compensate them, reimburse them and assist them in the terms which are indicated in this article.

Right to assistance in diverted flights
When for reasons attributable to the airline, it must operate from / to an airport different from the one for which the reservation was made, it shall bear the expenses Resolution No. / 2013 0381 of the user’s transport from / to the second airport, either be it from / to the airport for which you made the reservation or from / to another nearby place agreed with the user.

Right to reimbursement for causes attributable to the carrier
The airlines will reimburse users for the cost of the ticket paid in the proportional part of the trip not made; or the total amount paid for the ticket if the flight no longer has a reason for being in relation to the user’s initial travel plan, in which case he must provide a return flight to the first point of departure as quickly as possible. The aforementioned refund will be made within five (5) business days following the event at the place indicated by the user.

Customer Service System
All air carriers must have a Customer Service System through which they should receive and attend, in a personal manner, complaints, claims or suggestions from users offering immediate solutions that are relevant according to the circumstances or, in their defect, they must immediately transfer the corresponding requirement to the person or unit that must provide a solution as soon as possible.

Customer Service at the airport
In relation to the total quality of customer service, the DGAC will have competent personnel and Customer Service offices at airports, through which it will control and ensure the faithful compliance with this Resolution and also receive and attend personally , the complaints, claims or suggestions of the users, offering guidance, advice and immediate solution according to the circumstances or, failing that, they will carry out the immediate transfer of the requirement to the airline, dependence or person that must give a solution as soon as possible possible.

More information: Resolución 381, Decisión 619
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  • Ernesto Salas

    Hello Choko,
    Pleasurer to contact a fellow country mate. I’ll get right to the point. In 2020, my family had planned a trip to Ecuador for my 60th birthday. It was a great idea
    to spend in with my entire family both in Quito and Guayaquil. I addition we were going to tour the country, including the Galapagos Islands. I was referred by a close family friend here in the States to Flight Tour Agency in Guayaquil. I had some sense of assurance and trust that they would take care of us. They gave me a package ($ 6,995.00 US) for 5 people that basically included everything; flight, hotel, meals, excursions and fees. Then Covid19 hit. The agency was reluctant to refund me at the time and gave me excuses that there would be penalties involved. They convinced me to leave the money until this year (2021), thinking things would be back to normal. As we are in the end of March and things still not ‘normal’, we have decided again not to travel this year. I contacted the agency last week and they are still reluctant to give me a refund at this time. With me being in the States I’m limited of what i can do.
    I saw your website and figure I’d write to you to see what my options are to get my refund.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    March 31, 2021 at 5:47 am

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