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Tababela Airport Quito

How to get from quito airport to city center

The city of Quito has become a popular tourist destination in the last few years. Many travelers on their way to the Galapagos decide to take a few days to visit this Ecuadorian capital – the 2nd highest in Latin America and a common question we receive is about how to get from Quito Airport to the city center.

Quito’s new airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre de Quito (UIO), is located in an area called Tababela, just 45 minutes from the city, depending on traffic.

Here are a few fast and safe ways to get to Quito from Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Súcre in Tababela:




Aeroservicios (USD 8 one way)

This is a private bus that you take upon leaving the airport building. You’ll often find people offering the service by the luggage carrousels, before you’ve even left the airport.

You can also go to the company’s window to buy a ticket.

The ride takes from the airport, into Quito and to the old airport (located in the north of Quito), where you can then take a taxi to your hotel. Approximate travel time: 45 minutes (depending on traffic). There are departures every 30 minutes.

Aero Servicios Quito

Yellow taxis (USD 25)

Taxis use a standard rate, depending on the area of the city you need to get to. The minimum price from the airport to the center is USD 25 for 3 people. This service is safe and, if you intend on staying at a hotel closeby, in Puembo or Tababela itself (there are numerous hostels here), you’ll get charged USD 10.

  • Hostal El Parque Tababela
  • Public transport (USD 2)

    On the outskirts of the airport are a few bus stops for buses that will take you to final destinations, including the terminals of Río Coca, Quitumbe y Carcelén. These buses will have a few stops on the way to pick up and drop off passengers.

    Transportation from Quito Airport

    Currently in Ecuador, taxis and public transport vehicles have a video recording system to ensure the security of passengers. Nonetheless, always be aware of you luggage, backpacks, cellphones etc, especially in the buses.

    Photos of airport: Nicolás Larenas


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