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TOP 3 Favorite restaurants to eat a lobster in the Galapagos

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This post comes a little late, but it’s a debt that I have with all those who asked me about where to find this delicious dish in the Galapagos. There are many places to eat lobster in Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal and Isabela, but this time I will tell you about the three places I recommend to try it with a unique touch and an unbeatable view of the Santa Cruz Academy bay.

If you travel to the Galapagos, particularly to Santa Cruz island, in one of your walks you will reach the fishermen’s pier in Pelikan Bay, where you’ll get seduced by drawers full of green and red lobsters of all sizes.

Remember that this seafood can only be eaten during fishing season, which starts from July 1 and ends on December 31 of each year, authorized time to trade the product. This is a measure with which the Galapagueños protect the species, so that more people can taste it for a few more years. So, you have six months to try and eat it in restaurants, and remember that for this dish you often get to pay three or five times more expensive in other latitudes.

Restaurant with privileged sea views

  1. AlMar and its grill touch
    In the Mangle Rojo hotel, at the end of Charles Darwin Av, is the AlMar restaurant, where you can eat grilled lobster prepared with mandarin butter and wakame (Japanese seaweed). Just at the first glance you’ll start eating it with your eyes. The Chef Fabricio Hidalgo thought about those of us who got entangled with the cutlery when eating seafood and he made it easier for us by serving only the tail of the lobster prepared on charcoal.

    AlMar y su langosta con toque a la parrilla

    Here you can order it from noon until 10:00 pm. Any time is good, but a great option is by night, when the lighting of the balcony reminds us of the houses in the lakes. This will undoubtedly make your dinner much more special.

  2. Il Nuovo Giardino and its three presentations
    The house of the large garden facing the sea is the restaurant Il Nuovo Giardino, where you can find lobster dishes in three presentations: during the day, afternoon or evening.The chef Cynthia Jouvin thought about dishes for all tastes. The Tropical Lobster is prepared on the grill with curry sauce, red and orange peppers, which give it a bittersweet flavor.

    Il Nuovo Giardino y sus tres presentaciones las langostas

    If you are rather traditional, there is always the classic lobster with garlic. But if your thing is to enjoy eating with friends, you can also order it as a seafood barbecue.

    The view from this restaurant located between the Charles Darwin and Charles Binford avenues, is another delight while you wait for your lobster getting cooked and sip on the best drink of your choice. As for drinks, white and rosé wine are recommended, but I also enjoy it with beer.

  3. Bahía Mar and its original flavor
    The newest of the restaurants in this top list is Bahia Mar. Open from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm. It is an ideal place to eat outdoors, complementing the landscape with pelicans, sea lions, boobies and zayapa crabs. The chef Tomás Mejía thought of those who want to enjoy the original flavor of the seafood queen, that’s why the only way it’s offered is grilled, accompanied with garlic butter. Here they make sure that lobster tastes like lobster.

    Its presentation looks like a postcard, served on the plate you will be impressed by the size, accompanied by salad of avocado, sautéed potato and fine herbs.


If you travel to the Galapagos Islands outside of the lobster season months (January to June), do not buy dishes that include this crustacean, because there are always restaurants that fail to comply with the ordinance so as to attract more customers.

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