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Travel insurance for your trip to the galapagos

Travel insurance for your trip to the Galapagos

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If you’re planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands, I strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance and travel cancellation insurance.

Believe it or not, accidents on the Galapagos Islands are quite common. Unfortunately there have even been a few casualties on some of the hikes. This is extremely rare, but has happened!




Recently, the Ecuadorian government tried to impose a law requiring tourists to purchase travel insurance before traveling to Ecuador. However, due to politics and other complications, this law was never enacted.

Since I began helping travelers book daily tours, I’ve also tried to help them have a safe trip. A few situations where you won’t regret having purchased travel insurance include: flight cancellation, getting ill at your destination because of food poisoning or an accident while hiking. Considering the fact that a trip to Galapagos can be quite expensive, you should ensure you’re covered / insured.


Travel insurance

The travel insurance I purchased offers a 5% discount to travelers that visit my blog and will cover the following on your trip:

  • Medical expenses
  • Theft and damage to luggage
  • Health emergency trasport and repatriation
  • Displacement of a family member or companion in the event of hospitalization or death of the insured
  • Search and rescue
  • Cancellation and interruption of trip
  • Changes, delays and loss of services
  • Additional indemnization in case of an accident
  • Optional coverage: Computer equipment coverage and optional adventure sports coverage.

    Travel cancellation insurance

    This travel cancellation insurance  that I purchased also offers a 5% discount to travelers that visit my blog and will cover the following types of cancellation:

  • Cancellation due to health reasons
  • Cancellation due to other causes

    At this link, www.heymondo.com, you’ll find a few types of travel insurances for your trip to the Galapagos Islands. Consider purchasing this for you and your travel companions at the best market price!


    Below are a few links to different types of content related to the Galapagos, including a few guides. All of this content is updated and based on my annual trip to the Islands.



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    Sandra ten Zijthoff

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